Grief Support, Hypnosis and Resources to Create Peace, Comfort and Joy

Grief Support, Hypnosis and Resources to Create Peace, Comfort and JoyGrief Support, Hypnosis and Resources to Create Peace, Comfort and JoyGrief Support, Hypnosis and Resources to Create Peace, Comfort and Joy
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Resources and Tools for a Life of Love and Laughter


I offer personalized hypnotherapy for grief, loss, anxiety, and stress, in addition to hypnotherapy for those who want to experience more Love, Joy and Laughter in their life.  


Through the use of journaling and art activities, you will begin to become clearer on your needs and desires, thoughts and beliefs.  We will work together for your continued healing and growth.  

Additional Resources and Tools

At, you will find various resources and tools to assist you on your healing journey.  

  1. Articles and activities regarding grief, loss, Love, Laughter, Healing and Growth. 
  2. The link to my LoveLaughterLoss Facebook page - see below. (Daily quotes, inspiration and support)
  3. The link to my YouTube page. (Free guided meditations available!)  
  4. Products Created with Love, designed to bring Peace, Comfort, Joy, Purpose and Beauty into your life. (See Shop tab in menu... Additional products coming soon!)
  5. Free Weekly Newsletter On Creating More JOY in Your Life!  (Send message in "Contact Us" Section below to receive the newsletter)


Hypnotherapy Sessions

Grief and Loss

Grief and loss are universal experiences that can require not only time for healing, but often require a major reconstruction of our lives.  In our sessions together, we will address any emotional, physical, mental and spiritual effects you are experiencing as a result of your grief.  We will create a safe place for you to address your thoughts and feelings, and help you find your way back to increasing moments of Peace, Comfort, Joy and Purpose.  

Anxiety, Stress and Sadness

If you are experiencing anxiety, stress, or sadness, hypnotherapy can help you feel more relaxed, calm, and peaceful, so that you are better equipped to handle whatever comes your way.  

Love, Joy and Laughter

In addition to helping my clients find hope and healing in times of difficulty or struggle, I also provide hypnosis to help you create more Joy, Love, and Laughter in your life.  (And who can't use more Joy, Love and Laughter?)


Introductory Special! 40% discount for your first session!

Book by February 15, 2020, and save 40% on your first hypnotherapy session!  $45 for first session, $75 for additional sessions.  Send a message in the "Contact Us" section of the website (found below), and type "Introductory Special" in the message.  Include your phone number in the message, and you'll receive a phone call to set up your initial session.  

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Call to book a FREE 30 Minute Consultation!  I'd love to work with you, to help YOU Find and Create More Peace, Comfort and Joy in Your Life!  Call 602-885-2256 TODAY, and begin your Journey of Healing and Growth. 

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